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Banks, Educational & Financial institutions

Financial institutions have a strong responsibility to keep their customers' monetary assets safe at all times


hospitals have security staff and arrangements to protect patients and hospital staff to make sure they are safe. Health services enforce a code of behaviour

Factories & Establishments

Industrial Security is used to protect industrial machines and plants against unauthorized access, sabotage, espionage and malicious manipulation

Shops, business premises, Offices, villas, flats & bungalows

Provide a visible deterrent to criminals and provide professional protection for your assets

Kalyana Mandapams, festival/special functions sites & construction sites

Safeguard personnel, equipment, IT infrastructure, facilities and all other assets

Shopping complex & cinema theaters

Ensuring that all cinema and shopping customers can enjoy the big screen experience & shopping in a comfortable environment

Some Features we do provide

Security officer duties include protecting people, places and property from potential threats. Although the security officer job description varies, depending on the specific work setting, security guard duties focus primarily on preventing crime. A vigilant security force deters criminals who are intent on committing theft, vandalism, sabotage, cyber attacks, physical violence or terrorism. Without the proactive work of security guards, law enforcement would be overwhelmed, as it reacts to crimes that otherwise would likely have been prevented.